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    07 July 2015

    Italy – Vietnam customs corridor: second day of visit for the Marche region Government delegation. Councillor Bora: “The multimodal infrastructure network of Regione Marche is the key element of interest for the Vietnamese counterpart”.

    (HANOI) – The Marche region is the bridge for export flows from Europe to the Asean countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Birmania, Cambogia).

    The creation of a privileged customs corridor between the Marche intermodal hubs and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam- which is a strategic Asean country – in order to make customs and shipping procedures faster and easier is the aim of the “Italy-Vietnam blue corridor” project.

    The Italian business delegation is headed by Regione Marche Government represented by Councillor Bora Manuela, with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, with the aim of signing a bilateral agreement with the leading Sea-port Authorities of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to boost the volume of transit goods through the Marche logistics infrastructure network. Shifting traffic flows from/to Vietnam to Marche logistics hubs means a drastic reduction of transit time and handling costs of goods.

    The first day of the visit is focused on the presentation of the project at the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructures. The second day of meetings starts at the Central Bureau of Vietnamese Customs Authorities: the delegation meets the Vice General Director, Mr.Vu Ngoc Anh who agrees on urging the implementation of a mutually-agreed customs harmonisation of procedures to efficiently run the transit of goods between the two countries. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and applications also means an  automatic identification of the cargo, a quicker inspection and higher safety and security levels on incoming and outgoing flows with a specific focus on the forgery of goods.

    The Vietnamese customs authorities are pleased with the “fast corridor” plan and wish to promptly meet the Italian Customs Bureau for further technical talks on this subject.

    The later meeting involves the Vice-Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr.Do Tang Hai. The Vietnamese counterpart shows interest on the project because it promotes growth of both import and export of Vietnamese goods and services: the key element of interest is the drastic reduction of transport costs. According to Vietnamese Government sources, transport costs represent 22% of the total cost of export goods and the “Blue corridor” project can reduce costs of transport by 15%.

    “The interest shown towards the fast corridor project is a very important feedback to the development of the economic system of our region  – adds Councillor Bora. The signature of international agreements on intermodal logistics is the basis for an economic growth and, therefore, employment growth.

    As a matter of fact, the economic and employment growth rate of Northern European leading sea-ports such as Rotterdam and Anvers are a good example of how the handling of goods generates wealth and economic development to local communities. Therefore, I would like to point out that this agreement will increase the competitiveness level of small and medium-sized companies of our territory: the opening of a fast corridor on the Adriatic sea will reduce the cost of shipping our goods which means more competitive retail prices for our export in the Asean markets.”

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  • Vietnam_tavolo di lavoro con l'assessorato Bora ed il vice ministro Cong

    06 July 2015

    Vietnam – Marche region Customs Corridor. Regione Marche Councillor Bora visits capital city of Hanoi: “New business plans for a competitive logistics to serve a fast growing market”

    Hanoi – Todays’ meeting at the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructures is one of the five scheduled technical institutional visits by the Regione Marche Government delegation working on the development of a preferential customs corridor between Italy and Vietnam to support the development of an international multi-modal transport system  whose key hub is the Marche region infrastructure network.

    A previous briefing of the project is made to the Italian Ambassador in Hanoi, Ms.Cecilia Piccioni who appreciates the business initiative in line with the Italian Government plan of business internationalization.

    The project leader is Regione Marche Government with the coordination of Logistics Platform of Marche region AdriaLp – an integrated logistics hub made up of Ancona sea port Authority, Interporto delle Marche freight village and Ancona International airport. AdriaLp is part of the TEN-T network.

    “Marche region Government – adds Councillor Bora in charge of the internationalization of local business  - “supports the development of international business projects, such is the Blue Corridor project, providing a competitive logistics tool to serve the overseas business of small and medium-sized companies  of our territory. An efficiently-run infrastructure system is an essential requirement to promote export to fast growing international markets – like Vietnam-  that are attracted by Italian manufacturing but imports result difficult if not supported by an adequate logistics system. The internationalization policies of regional Government companies strongly need the support of integrated strategies to boost international competitiveness of local business community and, thus, higher employment in Marche region”.

    This project – declares Mr. Nicola Paradiso, member of the delegation as the representative of AdriaLP – highlights the potentials of the Marche region logistics  infrastructure to drastically reduce the time/cost of container traffic flows from Vietnam to European markets compared to traditional  Northern Range routes.

    The rationale behind this business proposal is swiftly caught by the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport and by the Vice Minister Mr.Nguyen Van Cong who asks for specific details of the project.

    At the end of the meeting Mr.Cong confirms his commitment to promptly submit his feedback on the project wishing for a start-up soon.

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