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    27 March 2015

    M.E.D.I.T.A project partners meeting in Athens

    Athens meeting is the last partners gathering before the conclusion of the E.U. project M.E..D.I.T.A- MEDiterranean Information Traffic Application”, under MED programme where partners can make a general briefing on the activities under the supervision of Interporto Livorno, the lead partner. Also, project partners present the results of Medita project to Greek local stakeholders and to the students of Piraeus university.

    Interporto Marche company is one of the project partners and is represented by Mr.Diego Dogana,in charge of the engineering activities.

    Medita aims at implementing a new concept of transports: environmentally friendly and economically efficient through the  set-up of an “Intelligent Freight Corridor” linking Valencia (Spain) Livorno, Jesi/Ancona (Italy), Bar (Montenegro)and Patras (Greece) – and Tripoli in Lebanon as a project stakeholder- by a low cost tracking system of goods and relevant info.

    MED.I.T.A project main subjects are the maritime transport and the connections among ports, dry ports and freight villages. The project is based on the establishment of a network between ports and dry ports that permits an easier and faster movements of goods in Mediterranean area using a low cost technologies like passive RFID UHF.

    The network was established through the project MOS4MOS by Port of Livorno and Interporto Toscano. It is not only a purposing network but also a procedural and technological network, able to execute a Motorways of the Sea for overcoming the territorial boundaries by making a unique system and shared procedures. With the experimentation within the project will be possible to study origin and destination of goods, typology and carried quantities.

    Medita community is growing  and appealing to private stakeholders and the platform delivered in the project framework is fully operative online. It is time to think about a follow up and on a major application of it.

    Now it has been tested for Ro-Ro and container traffic but a new project proposal is under preparation and it will take into consideration different modes of transport and analyze different applications of the system.

    Medita project opens up to the world of transport services and facilities, with a specific focus on customs services – which bring in an added value to transport services: competitiveness besides environment friendly and efficiently-run practices.

    As far as testing on the field is concerned, Interporto Marche company is running 20 companies and over 700 vehicles (cars, trailers, tractors, trucks and semitrailers).

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    20 March 2015

    Intermodadria European project – Supporting Intermodal transport solutions in the Adriatic area – latest partners’ meeting before the final event.

    Rijeka University, Faculty of Maritime studies is the meeting place of Intermodadria project partners gathering for the last time before the final event scheduled for next July in Italy.

    A two-day work session to make a final review of the project achievements in view the shortcoming project end.

    In the recent meeting, Regione Marche lead partner gave an insight of the project activities and all partners were invited to widely show their ongoing activities.

    During the event, Intermodadria delegates were given the chance to use an electronic naval simulator currently used by Rijeka university as an invaluable part in modern day training. This state-of-the-art device feigns a ship mooring and sailing maneuverings under different traffic and weather conditions .

    Mr.Luca Celli, representing Interporto Marche company at the meeting had a try.

    navale elettronico (nella foto) in dotazione all’ateneo croato, utilizzato dagli studenti. Lo strumento di ultima generazione è molto utile perché attraverso di esso si simulano le manovre di una nave in ingresso ed uscita dal porto con differenti situazione di “traffico”, di moto ondoso, condizioni atmosferiche ecc.

    Next meeting is in Ancona, Italy for the final event hosted by Regione Marche in collaboration with Ancona Sea-port Authority.

    The two-day workshop in Rijeka was supervised by the Intermodadria project officer, Ms.Besiana Ninka, staff of the Joint Technical Secretariat of IPA CBC Adriatic programme.

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