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Real estate activities

Interporto Marche S.p.a. is currently owner of 54 hectares of the total 101 hectares of land surface under Jesi city council construction permit. The area is fully equipped and linked to the main West-East railway line, Orte-Falconara, and holds a construction permit of 45,000 sq. mts. of warehouses connected to the railway platform. At present 5,000 sq. mts. warehouses and relevant parking spaces are let. A future land expansion of 47 ha. will grant the building of further 55,000 sq.mts warehouses and relevant parking lots, 35,000 of which are directly served by railway tracks.

The building destination of use is disciplined by technical rules and is as follows:

  • warehouses and stock houses are facilities for the multimodal freight collection and distribution
  • offices are let to shipping agencies or transport companies
  • area for multi-modal shipment
  • production unit and outdoor stock areas are for multi-modal shipment

The warehouses and/or office are disciplined by different contract types:

  • selling of areas
  • selling of ¬†areas and building
  • letting

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